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Esperanto-Stacio is an international meeting place for educational purposes. Our activities and events are focused on peace, languages, and human rights.

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Welcome to Esperanto-Stacio, an international meeting space near Berlin.  Discover an authentic railway station environment. We provide unique meeting rooms and accommodation for your events and an inspiring cultural experience

We provide low-budget accommodation for our course participants, as well as for groups who desire to discover Schenkenländchen and enjoy an authentic railway environment in the village.




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Located at the center of the Schenkenländchen area, and surrounded by the Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park, the station is the perfect starting point for bicycle tours, hiking tours, boat trips, and much more.

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The Station for


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Esperanto Stacio offers a variety of spaces for any purpose: Family events, business retreats, parties, dinners, and more. With convenient access from the city of Berlin and its Airport, it’s the perfect spot for your next event.

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