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The LGBT Esperanto meeting

Fieru! 2021

Fieru! 2021

20.7.21, 22:00


24.7.21, 22:00

The LGBT Esperanto Meeting will take place from the 21st to the 25th of July 2021 at the newly renovated Esperanto Station in Halbe near Berlin. The whole LGBT community is welcome - gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, and all the others who love it!

FIERU! will take place during the LGBT week in Berlin, when there will also be street parties and lots of events all over the city. The climax of our meeting will be the huge Berlin CSD Pride parade, which will take place on July 24, 2021. We will officially participate and march with Esperanto flags. In addition to extensive celebration and Esperanto speaking, while PRIDE! There will also be lectures on LGBT topics, swimming in our nearby lake and excursions.

 Would you like to offer LGBT related software? Would you like to lecture? We would love to receive suggestions and contributions to make our meeting really interesting and lively! If you have any suggestions, be sure to contact us!

FEES Fee for the event (including Saturday trip to the fair in Berlin): - First registration period - until December 31, 2020: 20 € - Second registration period - until April 11, 2021: 30 € - Third registration period - up to immediately before the event: € 40

The price for accommodation is added to the fee. There are three different options: Accommodation in a 4-bed room (4 nights): 80 € Accommodation in a 2-bed room (4 nights): 110 € Accommodation in a mattress (4 nights): 20 €

Meals are not included in the above prices. Additional food information will be coming soon.

Be careful! The event will have limited places! To ensure your participation, please send a message to esperantostacio (at) and you will receive information on how to prepay the fee.

The Esperanto Station is located in the village of Halbe, about 30 minutes south of Berlin. The center of Berlin is very easily reached by hourly trains. If you are interested in PROUD! send an e-mail to esperantostacio (at)

If the event is canceled due to the development of the pandemic, you will receive a full refund.

If you are planning to travel to IJK in Ukraine immediately after PRIDE !, let us know, as we are exploring the possibility of organizing a caravan.ERURU

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