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Tausend Hektar Kunst

Keine halben Sachen (No half things)

Keine halben Sachen (No half things)

23.9.23, 17:30


No half things -

Now let's get down to business!

A play about culture of remembrance

Preserves, preserves, storage: This is typical for culinary things from the region and is the guide for a special art project. In discussions with local citizens and actors in the culture of remembrance, the collective "Tausend hectares Kunst" collects recipes - for preserves, but above all for good togetherness and for dealing with history. And brings both to the stage.

Preserves stand the test of time like memories. Stories and memories from Halbe become art. Curious about traditional and experimental things in a glass?

No half measures - a theater performance with music and preserves.

Premiere on September 23, 2023, 7:30 p.m., Kulturbahnhof Halbe.


Concept and Performance

Kathrin Ollroge, Carola Lehmann, Jule Torhorst


Angela Hundsdorfer


Big Daddy Mugglestone

Stage / Costume

Jane Saks

Photos / Flyer

Franziska Brodhun

Assistant / Technical Support

Neitha Janzing

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