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Language Festival in Halbe



27.8.21, 08:00


28.8.21, 15:30

LingvaFest'is open to all. No ticket purchase necessary. Free admission. Please pre-register for the concert at the Kaiserbahnhof, at .

LingvaFest' is a language festival in Halbe. It aims to introduce different languages and the diversity of languages in an entertaining way. Organizer is the Esperanto-Stacio, an international meeting place in the train station of Halbe, in cooperation with the neighboring Kaiserbahnhof and the cultural association Halbe Welt.

Location: The venues are spread out in Halbe in the Schenkenländchen district of Dahme-Spreewald, just south of Berlin. In addition to the two station buildings, the church is also the venue and other outdoor areas.

Date: Friday & Saturday, August 27 and 28, 2021 There will also be the opening of the exhibition "Transform" on the same weekend.

Our open program for ALL (no prior experience necessary, free admission).

Friday, 8/27.

10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Language workshops and Haka course for students (Esperanto-Stacio and station forecourt)

5 p.m. Maori language and Haka workshop (station forecourt)

5:45 p.m. Opening of Transform art exhibition with sculptures, paintings and happenings on the former ramp at Halbe station.

7 p.m. Live concert with Lena Hauptmann, winner of the German Pop Award (Kaiserbahnhof - by invitation only, in good weather you can listen from the forecourt without registration)

20-22 h dance with DJ, live performance and bar in Kaiserbahnhof

Saturday, 28.8.

from 13 o'clock sing-along choir in many languages (Dankeskirche Halbe)

from 2 p.m. coffee and cake in the garden and live music by Tim Gallego) and Haka workshop

from 15.30 mini-language courses, Esperanto, Swedish, Spanish, English and many other languages (each about 30 minutes) and Chile out (Esperanto-Stacio and station forecourt)

from 4.30 p.m. Haka practice again on the station forecourt

5 pm Closing: We all dance the Haka together with lots of energy and fun.

Important notes! ALL program points are open for EVERYONE. You don't need any previous experience, no special talents, just a desire to join in and a bit of curiosity.

Only the concert in the Kaiserbahnhof on Friday is for invited guests because of space limitations, but if the weather is nice we can let more people into the garden or you can listen from the forecourt. Everyone is welcome to dance afterwards as well. We mix the music so there is something for everyone.

On Friday evening there will be a bar in the Kaiserbahnhof, on Saturday coffee and cake in the Dankeskirche. You can eat at Peggys Diner and Restaurant Kalimera in Halbe on both days, or get your own food at Edeka.

Arrival: Trains from the south (e.g., Lübben/Lubin, Lübbenau/Lubnjow and Cottbus/Chóśebuz go to Halbe. Trains from the north (Eberswalde, Berlin, Königs Wusterhausen) have at the moment replacement service with buses from Bestensee to Halbe. Buses from e.g. Teupitz or Märkisch Buchholz drive normally.

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