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Language festival in Halbe



10.9.22, 08:00


11.9.22, 16:00

LingvaFest' is a language festival in Halbe. It aims to introduce different languages and the diversity of languages in an entertaining way. There will be workshops and mini-courses on different languages, dance and music from many countries and the exhibition Travel and Food will be on display at the same time in the Esperanto-Stacio.

Free admission.

Click here for the complete and detailed program

Saturday, 10.09

10-18 o'clock: Esperanto course

20h: Live concert argentinian girarren music by Vicente Vicente Tolaba

21h: Dance with DJ Seraphim, international music, and bar

Sunday, 11.09

8-10 a.m.: Village breakfast (in good weather on the square in front of the station)

9-18 h: Maori language and Haka workshop with lots of fun and energy

10-12:30 am: mini language courses (30 min each) Esperanto, Brazilian, Sorbian, French, Korean, Indonesian, Polish, Swedish, Yiddish and other languages

14-18 h: coffee and cake with live music

14-18 h: further language courses in the afternoon

14:40: Guided tour of the exhibition "Travel and Food

9:30, 11:00, 13:00: guided tours of the station buildings: Kaiserbahnhof and Esperanto-Stacio (Imperial Station)

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