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NEMO is a meeting for new Esperanto speakers of the middle generation to get to know each other.

NEMO | Novice Esperanto Middle Aged Event

NEMO | Novice Esperanto Middle Aged Event

17.5.24, 10:00


20.5.24, 10:00

Greetings to all who have just discovered Esperanto for themselves, but still don't know what to do with the language!

This Esperanto meeting called NEMO is made just for you! Our target group is especially the middle generation, but we welcome interested parties of all age groups. (In case you are under 27, you may also be interested in the event KEKSO(link is external) of the German Esperanto Youth.)

NEMO will take place for the first time around Pentecost in the

Esperanto Station Halbe

17 – 20 May 2024

Information: (link sends e-mail)

The program of the meeting will be adapted to all participants by finding common interests and creating the program on the spot. Also cooking the common dishes will be part of the program and will create an opportunity for daily conversations in Esperanto.

The Esperanto Station has 12 beds in multi-bed rooms, so register as early as possible to get a place in a bed. In the registration form we ask about a place to live for possible carpools and about your Esperanto level in order to prepare course materials for you.

This time NEMO will take place without children, but the second edition should be as suitable as possible for families. In case of interest send a message to sends e-mail) and we will inform you about future meetings.

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