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Reading with Franziska Steinhauer from "Spreewaldrauschen"

Lower Lusatia Crime Nights: Franziska Steinhauer

Lower Lusatia Crime Nights: Franziska Steinhauer

13.10.22, 17:00


Organizer: Kulturdreieck

Lesson with Franziska Steinhauer from "Spreewaldrauschen":

A group of students mingled with the vacationers camping at the Spremberg dam. They will spend their semester break for a research project in the Spreewald. The first night is wet and happy. When a student disappeared without a trace the next day, the other sub-mentein went on a search. They learn that several researchers were murdered at a local project camp a few years ago. The perpetrator was never caught. Unrest breaks out among students and campers. Is history repeating itself? Is the killer back?

LOWER LAUSITZER CRIME NIGHTS, other dates, each 7 p.m.:

October 20: Christiane Dieckerhoff: "Leave", Darre Lieberose

October 27: Elisabeth Herrmann: "Düstersee", Kulturkirche Luckau

18 November: Crime dinner (in) the Theaterloge Luckau: "...and don't trust any illusions"

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