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A photo exhibition by Ellen Schmauss

World Women – In the guise of diversity

World Women – In the guise of diversity

14.10.23, 15:00


4.11.23, 16:00

Vernissage of the photo exhibition with the photographer Ellen

With a respectful focus on women, the photo exhibition by Freiburg photographer Ellen Schmauss is dedicated to the colorful diversity of our society. “Women of the World – In the Garb of Diversity” shows over 100 portraits of women in traditional costumes from their countries of origin. The dignified portraits shed light on the diversity of our changing society in Germany. Through the photographic play with country-specific fabrics and clothing, the exhibition takes the viewer on an individual search for traces of the women depicted, their roots, their own identity and the image of women that has grown from them. The photo exhibition is accompanied in excerpts by small written summaries of the women's biographies. The short portraits show what different reasons there were for leaving one's own homeland and building a new life far away. But also how identification with one's roots develops in the second or third generation and how the definition of home and the view of oneself and the world can change.

“World Women – In the Garb of Diversity” makes the cultural diversity in Germany visible. The photo exhibition aims to arouse curiosity and educate. It invites the viewer to open a treasure chest of diversity and be inspired by the range. Proudly and with dignity, “Weltenfrauen” creates a closeness to cultures by playing with traditional costumes and builds bridges to our society. And last but not least, the photo exhibition offers women a platform to look lovingly at their own achievements and with dignity at their own gender and to encourage others on their individual paths in life.

The opening of the exhibition will take place with a dance supporting program. Ni Nyoman Inten Sriasih, a trained Balinese temple dancer, will take visitors on an impressive dance journey to her homeland of Bali. Through the Balinese dances, visitors can immerse themselves in another world through precisely specified movements of the body and head. facial expressions, eyes, fingers and feet. She will dance two pieces at the opening. The first "Condong" and the final piece Arsa wijaya (mask dance)

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