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Yoga - Qigong - Dance



28.9.22, 17:00


Organizer: Labsal - Healing Practice Emma K. Janzen | 0162-6917081 - | 

Yoga to improve your flexibility and concentration

Qigong to activate your life energy

Dance as a means of self-expression and conversation between body and soul

You are looking for

Exercises for relaxation and activation - joy of being and experiencing new connections - within yourself and with your environment - something that carries and grounds you and leads to you strength and confidence Course length and energy balance

Course start date

Wednesday, May 4, 2022


Wednesdays, 19 - 20.00

Entry possible at any time

60 minutes - 10 Euro - 5er card - 45 Euro - 10er card - 80 Euro

Please bring

comfortable clothes, socks, shoes, blanket, pillow and mat, drink

Registration under inquiries very gladly to:

Labsal - Healing practice Emma K. Janzen

0162-6917081 - | 

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